Have you ever been told not to talk to strangers?  It’s the thing most of us hear from the adults in our life when we are kids.  During a talk with my teacher Guru Singh, he said, “Every person I encounter is either my brother/sister, or my son/daughter.”  This totally changes your relationship with the people you encounter each day.

Not only does it create a sense of love and respect for each person, but it makes you feel responsible for the way you react when you encounter anyone in your life, or the way you handle that relationship.  It’s the realization that no one is a stranger.  We are all intertwined!

Do you ever find yourself getting into gossipy conversations about other people?  If everyone is a son/daughter, or a brother/sister to us, then why would we ever want to hurt someone or gossip about them?  They are a part of us.  It’s like hurting ourselves.

In understanding this lesson, we can practice love for every person and refuse to speak about other people behind their backs.  I guess that old saying is true, treat others as you wish to be treated.  And be impeccable with your word.

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