I learned a very important lesson today and I’m sure many mothers can relate.  My daughter Kayleen, whom is home schooled, had to do state testing, it’s mandatory for being apart of a home school charter school.  To be honest I was really worried about it, Kayleen has never done anything like it and she has had challenge with the typical public school sort of stuff.  My fears over come me and I was worried she would feel lost and have a hard time.

Now the funny part is that we went all the way there, driving a half hour, then we found out she didn’t need to come all that way.  It turns out she can do the test at home with her assigned teacher.  But I’m happy we drove all that way and I was proved very wrong.  Kayleen and I spent some time talking about the test as we were driving, she stated her concernes and I helped her to feel at ease.  She marched right in there with a smile on her face, socialized with everyone, spoke up to lady who was at the front desk and told her, “I don’t know if I can do this test, I’m just learning to read, I can read a little, and I only know some math,”  That was the first time I had heard her speak up for herself in that manner, it was so cool.

So the trip was so worth it.  As I sat there waiting to be told what we should do I watched Kayleen and my intuition told me that everything was going to be ok and I should remember this moment.

I guess we need to trust in our children and our children’s abilities, some times we need to get the hell out of the way and let them go.  This is something for all of us parents to be mindful of.

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