Yesterday was a particularly hard day…  I had gone three days with barely any sleep.  My two year old son was having trouble sleeping, for what ever reason.  He was waking up every hour, asking for mommy to come comfort him.  So, yesterday was a very emotionally drained day.  I felt lost in emotion and reacted negatively to many situation, especially my children, and the mess in the house.

It wasn’t till later that day, that I began to feel better.  I was at the book store, and just let my heart search for a book.  It led me to a book called, “Opening to Channel, How to Connect With Your Guide.”

I had planned on reading a few pages, just to get an idea of what this book was about.  But an hour later, I was still reading, and I felt like this book was talking directly to me.  I put the book down and decided to connect to my guide, my higher self.  I felt almost pulled into a trance, and internally I asked the questions I really needed answers to.  And I  heard the answers gently coming to me.

Even this morning I did the same thing, and once again the answers came clearly.

I am reminded of how easy it is to get caught up in the daily life.  We all have a to do list, we have relationships, we have hobbies, and so on.  These things take our constant attention, and we can forget to connect daily to our higher self.  My higher self reminded me, “It’s so important to connect to my Guide daily, as this is what keeps me on course, and keeps me on the highest path possible, in all areas of my life.”

I also realize that our children are so much more on point with their higher self, than most adults are.  I am reminded to learn from my children, and not to be scared of raising them completely different than the current norm advices.  As we can see…  the norm is changing, and the norm is not so happy, or successful.  Instead I should be braver, and guide my children according to their higher needs, and passions.

If you are seeking a path to connect with your guides, or your higher self, I highly suggest you pick up this book.  It has made such an impression on me, and I’m sure you will find the same.  I love books that really stand out, that teach me something very tangible that I can apply to my life, and I see this clearly in this book.

Much love to all of you,

Guru Shakti

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