Hello my dear friends,

The past few days I have begun a 120 meditation.  This meditation  will give you the ability to be able to experience the unseen.  It’s nice and easy but it gives you that ability not to be lost in the, “I don’t understand,”  you will feel that peace in your heart.

Please join me in this 120 day commitment.  It’s 11 minutes out of your whole day.  If you can’t find 11 minutes out of 24 hours in a day for yourself then you need to re evaluate your priorities.  This meditation is very calming, it brings you a sense of peace, of understanding, and of knowing.

Do this for 120 days and you will tap into this ability very powerfully.

Here’s a link to Gurmuks weekly message.  At the end of the message she explains how to do this 11 minute meditation.


With Love and Grace,

Guru Shakti

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