Best friends are so important.  For years I didn’t really have what I would call a best friend.  Of course my husband is my real best friend, but I believe every woman should have a best friend that has many things in comman.

For years I wanted a best friend.  I seemed to have many girl friends but we had little in comman.  All of them were single and didn’t have children.  When we hung out I felt like we had little to talk about.  I put it out in the univers that I wanted to find a great friend with many things in comman with me.  What I love about life is you never know when the universe will deliver what you desire.

A year ago I briefly met a woman, wife, and mother, her name is Katherine.  At that time I had no idea that one year later we would be such great friends.  We had her, her husband, and her two girls over for dinner and we totally hit it off.  Now I understand what It is like to have a best friend.  We have so much in common.  We both home school our kids, we believe in attachment parenting, we don’t vaccinate our kids, we are committed to our husbands, we are vegetarians, and so on.

To me a best friend is someone you can share anything with.  This person is someone who shares and listens, and I feel honored to have met such a wonderful person and call her my friend.  Plus our kids play together so well, we have great play dates for the kids.  No more hanging out with single women with no kids.

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