When I was a teenager I was very much into the Rave scene.  I’d stay out all night and dance my butt off.  My brother always told me I had a gift for dancing and I’d spend my night dancing and battling fellow dancers, surrounded by a circle of people.  Since I gave up my raving days and tried every way to distance myself from that time in my life, I hadn’t done much dancing at all.

Looking back I let go of dancing and decided that type of dancing was bad and led to drugs and crazy behavior.

About two years ago I saw a woman Fire Poi dancing.  This form of dance struck me as the most powerful dancing I’d ever scene and I instantly felt drawn to it.  To me this dancing is very tribal and almost like a ritual of some sort.  I felt drawn to learn this dancing but never took the time to learn.  Now here in Southern California there are many tribal dancers and fire dancers.  I’ve met some of these dancers and they hold such passion for dancing and in some way feel even more connected to themselves and their creator when they dance.

I remembered back to The Earth Dance festival we attended in 2012.  There was a lady dancing with a flow wand, her dancing was fluent, powerful and meditative.  I decided to purchase a flow wand and began dancing again.  Now I remember why I loved dancing and I know why I gave it up before.  At that young time in my life, dancing was connected to all my friends who were troubled teens and trying to hide behind the Rave scene.  I loved dancing but I had to change and that meant ridding myself of all those connections.

Now I’m back to dancing, as an adult grown woman.  Dancing has nothing to do with drugs and all to do with connecting to myself and my creator.  When I dance I feel inspired and the tribal dancing feels grounding and helps oneself to be even more radiant.

This next full moon we are attending a Full Moon Drum Circle in Laguna beach.  I look forward to dancing and our children want to play the drums as well.

I think sometimes we let go of passions because they are connected to things we aren’t happy about in our lives.  But after healing has taken place, each of us can pick up our passions again and this time create them they way we desire.  Just as I have done with dancing, so look within yourself… what do you love, what do you excel at?  Are you using those gifts?  If not, then this is your chance to use your gifts and create new meanings.

Blessings to each of you.

Guru Shakti

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