I wanted to write about friendships today because I had an experience recently that opened my eyes to what friend ships are really all about.  I recently started to build a friend ship with a new friend here in Orange County.  I’m really putting effort into creating friend ships in our new home since we are not longer in Northern California, where my long time friends live.

The friend ship started out good and I felt grateful to have a new friend, but all of a sudden we had a big misunderstanding.  There was some communication between the two of us that got misunderstood and now both of our feelings were hurt.  We both felt upset with one another.  Now if this would have happened years ago I wouldn’t have made any effort to reconnect or work it out, I used to avoid these tough situations.  But after a week of not talking I felt this waying on me.  I knew I had to re connect and work it out, I didn’t want to give up on this new friend ship and she didn’t either.

As nervous as I was we met up and talked it out.  This situation that happened between the two of us turned out to be the best thing for our new friend ship.  It broke down a wall between us and made us more real with each other.   I listened to her and understood where she was coming from and she listened to me as well.  I also learned something about myself.  I saw room for improvement with my communication in relationships, this was a lesson I needed to learn.

I wanted to share this story because many women and men have challenges in friendships.  It’s so easy to misconstrue something that was said or misunderstand someones actions.  I’ve seen people give up on long time friendships simply because they were upset with their friend over something.  But hidden in that situation is a lesson that both of you need to learn.  Maybe a little time off from the person is a good thing so you can both process what is really going on, but don’t give up on your friendship.

You will have to put your pride and your upset aside and surrender to each other.  Allow yourself to lower all your armor of hurts and be in your heart so you can understand and renew your friendship.

Take time to think about your friendships…   what friends need tending to?  What friendships are going strong and healthy?  Why is that friendship going so well but this other one is not?  How could you surrender to that friendship and make it better?

I wish you luck  and pray you have happy and fulfilling friendships.


Guru Shakti

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