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Early To Bed, Early To Rise…

“Early To Bed, Early To Rise, Makes A Person Healthy, Wealthy, And Wise!”

In Kundalini Yoga and many other forms of yoga, martial arts, and meditation, we are taught to rise early in the morning.  The purpose for this is to rise in the early morning hours called “ambrosial hours” (the two and a half hours just before sunrise), this is when the sun is at a sixty-degree angle to the earth, Your world is quieter because people are at rest. It’s easier to meditate and concentrate before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
Where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.
~ Rumi

Deepak Chopra is always putting out books, did you know he only writes for two hours a day?  He wakes at 4am, and writes until 6am, those two hours are like writing for 4 hours because the mind is so focused.  When you wake up early your mind is focused on the reason you got up, by the end of the day your mind is focused on everything else but the reason you woke up that day.  This is why it’s a perfect time to get things done, a perfect time for a spiritual practice, this is why I wake up and do my yoga practice in those hours, my efforts are maximized.

For those of you who may be thinking, “You’re crazy, I could never wake up that early,” well, I know you can, but it takes baby steps.  If you wake up at 7 or 8am right now, you wouldn’t just start off by waking at 4am, that would be way to big of a shift for you and it will be hard to keep up.

Instead start by waking up a hour, or a half hour earlier for 40 days, then progress more until you are waking up even earlier, this will re train your body.  Also, if you are wanting to start waking earlier you will have to go to bed earlier too.  I know from experience if I go to bed too late, it is super hard to get my butt out of bed.  We must be responsible for our well being, we must be responsible for growing more each day, isn’t that what life is about!

Now that I’ve been doing this for years I love and look forward to my quiet time in the early morning.  At this point I don’t get my kids up, I used to do that but they slept through the whole thing, instead I get this time to myself.  I love how quiet and peace full the home is, and if I’m feeling really tired after my yoga practice I simply lay back down for an hour, until our children rise.

Just think about how wonderful this could be for you, but don’t take it from me, do this yourself and let me know what you experiance.

Much Love To You,

Guru Shakti

Why A Vegetarian Diet?

Why a Vegetarian Diet?

“The lion is a great meat eater, and he is called the king of the jungle, but no animal can match the elephant, a complete vegetarian, for pure strength.” ~ Yogi Bhajan


Aside from the moral implications of eating meat (which are many), consider meat-eating strictly from a health point of view:

  • In contrast to carnivores like lions and tigers with a short digestive tract, it is difficult for humans, with a long digestive tract, to digest meat.
  • When an animal dies, its proteins coagulate within a few hours releasing various toxins. These toxins can initially be absorbed by the liver, but eventually even the liver can’t handle them and they pollute the body.
  • Meat, fish, and eggs produce acid. If meat is the main element in the diet it will lead to acidic blood. Acidic blood is an ideal environment for the development of cancer.
  • Meat is among the greatest sources of cholesterol, which contributes to heart disease.
  • Animals raised for meat are fed a variety of chemicals and hormones that are ingested by consuming most commercially produced meats.
  • Meat takes three days to pass through the human system. For optimum health, men need to digest food within 24 hours, women in 18 hours.


Sun Foods
Grow more than three feet above the ground.
Quick, lightening effect on the body and nervous system.
Examples: fruits, nuts, avocados, dates, coconuts.

Ground Foods
Grow within three above the ground.
High in nutrients, a great cleanser.
Examples: beans, rice, grains, green vegetables.

Earth Foods
Grow below the ground.
Healing properties, great energy from the earth.
Examples: potatoes, turnips, beets, garlic, ginger, onions.

Matter, including our bodies and our food, falls into three categories or qualities:*

Sattvic: Clarity and lightness.

  • Graceful, peaceful, disciplined, intuitive, sensitive.
  • Most fruit and vegetables, sun foods, and ground foods.

Rajasic: Forcefulness and will-power.

  • Active, positive, demanding.
  • Stimulating herbs and spices, many earth foods.

Tamasic: Functioning from need and instinct.

  • Impulsive, dull, angry, confused.
  • Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, alcohol, intoxicating drugs.

You are what you eat. It’s a pretty simple equation. Choose which qualities you would like to have more of in your life and eat foods from that category. This choice of diet is a fundamental tool in leading a meditative and energetic life.

For those free to live a quiet, contemplative life, a sattvic diet is perfect. For those who wish to maintain a meditative mind but also must live and work in the world, a diet consisting of sattvic and some rajasic foods is best. For those who practice demanding disciplines, like Kundalini Yoga or marital arts, rajasic foods are necessary, along with sattvic foods. For all these lifestyles, tamasic food is best avoided.

** References

Kids Yoga Rocks!

How many of you have children?  Do your kids like to laugh, play, be wild, be crazy, jump, roll, kick, flip, and so on?  I know my kids love all of these things, and with kids yoga they can do it all and with a purpose!

For a few years now my kids have joined my husband and I in our yoga practice, they haven’t been on a daily practice like us but when ever they want to do it it’s available.  In the past few weeks I’ve encouraged them to do it more often and I can see the positive effects.

My daughter Kayleen sometimes has a very hard time focusing in her school work but when I turn on the yoga video she’s fully present.  She moves through each pose, sometimes giggling, sometimes singing, and other times quiet and meditative.  I’ve tried a little experiment with her, right after she’s done we go right into school work and I’ve noticed she can focus much better.  I would expect that since I know I focus much better after I’ve done a really good yoga set.

First of all  Yoga is awesome, it’s so good for you, and when done often it’s positive effects are abundant.  I really encourage all of you to look into it not only for yourself but for your kids too.  It is so cool to be in the next room and hear my kids chanting, “I am bountiful, I am blissful, I am beautiful.”  This is something they do in Snatam Kaurs Kid’s Yoga video, my favorite video for the.  And I love watching them act like different kinds of animals in the yoga video, “From Silly To Calm.”

So to sum this up I can only say, “Kid’s Yoga Rocks!”

120th Day, A Sould Arrives!

When I was pregnant with my third child Bodhi, I decided to have a very conscious pregnancy.  I began reading all I could about Pregnancy Yoga, natural birth, and so on.  I was most impressed by Gurmuks book, “Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful.”  Her book is a step by step guide through a a pregnancy while practicing Kundalini Yoga.  Each trimester has a set of special meditations to connect with yourself and your baby, and I learned so many new things that.

I learned that in  the ancient tradition of yoga and meditation there is a special celebration during pregnancy to honor the soul who arrives on the 120th day after conception (the fourth month). It is believed when the soul enters the body, a baby’s subconscious mind begins to develop and absorb a multitude of messages. This is marked as a very important time to protect and pay keen attention to the messages we feed ourselves and we allow in (from the conversations we have, the music we listen to, and to the over exposure to electromagnetic fields like cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, etc.)

With this knowledge my husband and I set off to have the best pregnancy we could have.  I ate no animal products, only listened to calm and soothing music, did morning yoga each day, meditated, went on walks each day during the sun set (it was my only real quiet time because the kids were finally asleep.)

In my point of view we have a responsibility to our un born children.  Our baby’s depend on us to step up and do our best for ourselves and for them.  I love how many women are taking steps towards having a conscious pregnancy, and they carry this with them into mother hood.  And for those of us who are practicing these kinds of things we can educate other women who haven’t been blessed with this knowledge yet.  But remember to do it in a compassionate and none judging way, sometimes it’s easy to shake our heads at what other moms are doing with their kids but we’ve all been there so let’s try to remember that.

Love you all,

Guru Shakti

Courage From The Core!

When you hear the word Courage, what does it mean to you?  What does it mean to be a courageous person?  Perhaps it’s someone who takes charge, takes action, and moves forward no matter what gets in the way.

Those things are all true but what does the word Courage really mean?  The word courage is derived from the Latin Language, the word means core.  And what is your core, it’s your heart.  So courage means to live from your core, “your heart.”

To have courage in your life means you decide to move forward and grow in your life.  This doesn’t mean things won’t get in your way, or should I say try to get in your way.  Of course you will have challenges, in fact the more courage you have, and the more you grow in life, the more resistance you will feel.  But having courage means you do it anyways, and your begin to expand and grow as a person.

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