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We Moved!
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Blessings To Your Enemies

Sat Nam!

Hello my dear friends,

In our lives, each of us have people who have hurt us, people who perhaps we can’t stand or tend to be negative.  These sorts of people we avoid and for good reason.  On one side it is important to protect oneself, it’s important to be around people that lift you up and support you.  On the other side, these people need our blessings, need our prayers.

People don’t behave badly unless they are hurting in some way.  Being the very conscious person that you are, what if you were to send them your love and forgiveness?  What we think, what we pray about have a much larger effect than you may realize.  Everything is energy and we are all interconnected.  Can you imagine the effect you could have?

In your week, find some time to sit quietly.  Envision the person who upsets you, imagine healing light surrounding them,  helping them to see clearly.  Imagine this feeling joy in their heart, in replace of the pain.

The amazing thing about this practice, is that you benefit from what every you give back.  Not only are you healing them, you are healing yourself in the process.  The world needs more people like this, people who love and forgive, who help in the healing of others, not just out for themselves.

Much Love,

Siri Shakti

Yogi Tea Recipe

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea is a health-promoting beverage and a tonic for the whole body. It strengthens the nervous system, energizes the body, clears the mind, and is both a remedy and preventive measure for colds, allergies, and other illnesses. Yogi Tea is best made two quarts at a time. It can be stored in the refrigerator or even frozen. Simply heat tea and add milk and honey when you’re ready to drink it.

To make two quarts:

  • 2 quarts water
  • 15 whole cloves
  • 20 black peppercorns
  • 3 sticks of cinnamon
  • 20 whole cardamon pods (split the pods first)
  • 8 ginger slices (1/4″ thick, no need to peel)
  • 1/2 teaspoon black tea leaves (we use decaf)
  • Milk and Honey to taste

Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil in a 3-4 quart pot. Add cloves and boil for one minute. Next, add cardamon, peppercorns, cinnamon, and fresh ginger root. Cover and boil for at least 30 minutes. For best flavor, cover and simmer for 2 to 3 hours! When ready, remove from heat, add black tea and let cool. Strain tea. When ready to drink, add soy or dairy milk and sweeten to taste with honey or maple syrup.

You can also visit any of our 5 locations to buy a 12 oz. bag of our organic Yogi Tea.

Drink often!

Dancing To Connect To Your Creator

When I was a teenager I was very much into the Rave scene.  I’d stay out all night and dance my butt off.  My brother always told me I had a gift for dancing and I’d spend my night dancing and battling fellow dancers, surrounded by a circle of people.  Since I gave up my raving days and tried every way to distance myself from that time in my life, I hadn’t done much dancing at all.

Looking back I let go of dancing and decided that type of dancing was bad and led to drugs and crazy behavior.

About two years ago I saw a woman Fire Poi dancing.  This form of dance struck me as the most powerful dancing I’d ever scene and I instantly felt drawn to it.  To me this dancing is very tribal and almost like a ritual of some sort.  I felt drawn to learn this dancing but never took the time to learn.  Now here in Southern California there are many tribal dancers and fire dancers.  I’ve met some of these dancers and they hold such passion for dancing and in some way feel even more connected to themselves and their creator when they dance.

I remembered back to The Earth Dance festival we attended in 2012.  There was a lady dancing with a flow wand, her dancing was fluent, powerful and meditative.  I decided to purchase a flow wand and began dancing again.  Now I remember why I loved dancing and I know why I gave it up before.  At that young time in my life, dancing was connected to all my friends who were troubled teens and trying to hide behind the Rave scene.  I loved dancing but I had to change and that meant ridding myself of all those connections.

Now I’m back to dancing, as an adult grown woman.  Dancing has nothing to do with drugs and all to do with connecting to myself and my creator.  When I dance I feel inspired and the tribal dancing feels grounding and helps oneself to be even more radiant.

This next full moon we are attending a Full Moon Drum Circle in Laguna beach.  I look forward to dancing and our children want to play the drums as well.

I think sometimes we let go of passions because they are connected to things we aren’t happy about in our lives.  But after healing has taken place, each of us can pick up our passions again and this time create them they way we desire.  Just as I have done with dancing, so look within yourself… what do you love, what do you excel at?  Are you using those gifts?  If not, then this is your chance to use your gifts and create new meanings.

Blessings to each of you.

Guru Shakti

Green Cleaners For Your Home And The Oceans

Whether we want to believe it or not, or whether we want to acknowledge the truth, our oceans need our help.  Being apart of Green Peace I get emails and messages to hear about the amazing progress being accomplished and the awareness growing in humanity.  I believe humanity is headed for good things, not destruction.  But it’s our responsibility as a humans to protect and respect the world around us.

In this blog post I will focus on the use of cleaning supplies and the effects it has on our Oceans.  I can write it super simple for you.  For generations we had harmful chemical cleaning supplies at our fingertips and it was the norm.  They were advertised as the healthy way to kill germs and clean your home.  The problem is, these traditional store bought cleaning supplies kill more than germs.  They easily make their way down the drains and straight to the ocean.  Sea life is taking a bath in bleaches and other harmful chemicals.

Can you imagine being bathed in bleach and chemicals, you would die or be seriously hurt.  The good news is there are easy to purchase, store bought cleaning supplies that don’t cause damage to the oceans.  Some of these cleaners cost a few dollars more but you are in turn doing your part to protect and preserve the ocean.  What you do counts and if you make a change to clean your home with Green Cleaners, you are caring for your world in a very conscious way.

Some of you may be using harmful cleaners simply by habit.  You have used the same brands for years and they work great.  I felt the same way at first, but once I gave the  other cleaners a chance I found the ones that I preferred.  Here are the brands I Love….

1.  Method Dish Washer Detergent, the smarty dish detergent tablets.  I buy these are whole Foods.

2.  Earth Friendly Products, the window cleaner with Vinegar.  The Vinegar smell disappears immediately.

3.  Trader Joes Liquid Laundry Detergent

4.  Trader Joes Tea Tree Lavender Dish Soap.

All these products are low in cost and work very well!  Please take action on this immediately.  The time is now for us to all stand up and do our part and it begins in our homes!

Correcting The Imblanced You

Dear Friends,

It’s been months since I last wrote.  I now realize it’s a must for me to keep up on my blog.  Sharing ideas and experiences is a therapeutic way of not only helping others but reflecting upon my own life.

It’s been 10 months since we moved to Orange County.  We trucked our way here from Northern California.  It had been a dream of ours to come out this way and now our dream is a reality.  I’ve noticed great things manifesting around but it’s our very first time being without family near by.  I was used to having Grandma and Grandpa near by to help with the kids; from time to time.  I began slacking on my own personal practices and couldn’t seem to find the time for myself.

I stopped waking at 5am and began rolling out of bed at 7am or 7:30am, only to be met with the kids raring to go.  I tried doing Yoga and meditation, but it doesn’t have the same effect when the sun has risen and I have a energetic 3 year old hanging on my shoulders.  I stopped going on my walks in the evening because I got caught up in the happenings of the evening and I stopped blogging to all of you.

Those three things combined make for a very imbalanced woman.  It wasn’t until I had a mini break down, filled with overwhelm and tears that I saw the changes that needed to be made.  I bombarded my husband with complaints and concerns and  he came back with upset and told me what he was seeing.  I needed a wake up call, I needed to step back and take a good look at myself.  So I spent the next day reading my blog posts, remembering my walks I did almost every day; for 4 years and remembered the feeling of waking up before dawn to pray, meditate and do Yoga.

Life happens and it can happen really fast.  I’m sure many of you forget to find the time for yourself.  So you run on caffeine and pick me ups to race through your day, only to end the day feeling depleted and imbalanced.  Then the day begins again and off you run to take care of the kids, the home, the bills, the grocery shopping, the job, the husband, or the boyfriend.   But hold up there Missy…..   what about those daily commitments to your own excellence?  It’s in those moments of solitude, in those times of care that you replenish your self and fill yourself up; that way you can go out into the world feeling centered and clear.

Slow down my sisters, take time for yourself, your and everyone else reaps the benefits.  Life works awesome when you find a sort of balance in your daily lives.  Sit down today, take out a piece of paper and begin jotting down ideas for yourself.  When is a good time to carve out a committed time for yourself?  Perhaps an hour or even a half hour before the kids wake; that’s when I find my time.  What can you do to focus inward on yourself and feel connected to who you are?  This should be a time to honor yourself, reflect on your life.  I encourage walking as a means to connect as well.  Walking puts your body into a rhythm and if you pop on some very inspirational music; that does the job as well.

Good luck to you all and let’s all Keep up, so we can walk with Grace and Power throughout our lives.


Guru Shakti

Comitting To Friendships

I wanted to write about friendships today because I had an experience recently that opened my eyes to what friend ships are really all about.  I recently started to build a friend ship with a new friend here in Orange County.  I’m really putting effort into creating friend ships in our new home since we are not longer in Northern California, where my long time friends live.

The friend ship started out good and I felt grateful to have a new friend, but all of a sudden we had a big misunderstanding.  There was some communication between the two of us that got misunderstood and now both of our feelings were hurt.  We both felt upset with one another.  Now if this would have happened years ago I wouldn’t have made any effort to reconnect or work it out, I used to avoid these tough situations.  But after a week of not talking I felt this waying on me.  I knew I had to re connect and work it out, I didn’t want to give up on this new friend ship and she didn’t either.

As nervous as I was we met up and talked it out.  This situation that happened between the two of us turned out to be the best thing for our new friend ship.  It broke down a wall between us and made us more real with each other.   I listened to her and understood where she was coming from and she listened to me as well.  I also learned something about myself.  I saw room for improvement with my communication in relationships, this was a lesson I needed to learn.

I wanted to share this story because many women and men have challenges in friendships.  It’s so easy to misconstrue something that was said or misunderstand someones actions.  I’ve seen people give up on long time friendships simply because they were upset with their friend over something.  But hidden in that situation is a lesson that both of you need to learn.  Maybe a little time off from the person is a good thing so you can both process what is really going on, but don’t give up on your friendship.

You will have to put your pride and your upset aside and surrender to each other.  Allow yourself to lower all your armor of hurts and be in your heart so you can understand and renew your friendship.

Take time to think about your friendships…   what friends need tending to?  What friendships are going strong and healthy?  Why is that friendship going so well but this other one is not?  How could you surrender to that friendship and make it better?

I wish you luck  and pray you have happy and fulfilling friendships.


Guru Shakti

The Recycling List

There are many more things you can recycle, but here’s a simple list.  I find these to be the most common items that we recycle.

Aerosol cans :  Empty aerosol spray cans may be recycled curbside, at apartment complexes, at 24 hour recycling locations and solid waste convenience centers with Bottles, Cans, Jugs and Jars. Do not crush as you would other cans. The spray can must be EMPTY. If it is not empty, either use up the contents or dispose in your regular trash. If it contains hazardous material, bring it to the household hazardous waste (HHW) collection.

Aluminum cans :  State Law prohibits landfilling of aluminum cans and plastic bottles.  They MUST be recycled!  Recycle aluminum cans curbside, at apartment complexes, at 24 hour recycling drop off locations and solid waste convenience centers with Bottles, Cans, Jugs and Jars.

Caps and Lids:
Plastic caps from bottles can be recycled with plastic bottles.  Empty and squash the bottle flat, then put the cap back on to recycle them curbside, at apartment complexes , at 24 hour recycling drop off locations and solid waste convenience centers with Bottles, Cans, Jugs and Jars.  If the cap is not attached to a bottle, it will probably get lost– drop out of the bin or truck and end up as litter, or fall through sorting screens at recycling material processing facilities before it can be captured and baled to go to a re-manufacturer. If you collect a lot of plastic caps and lids together, you can put them inside a yogurt container and recycle them with rigid plastics at solid waste convenience centers, not at the curb.

Chemicals: Residents should bring household chemicals to the Household Hazardous waste collection facility. Bring paint, solvents, cleaning, automotive, pool and other caustic, toxic, flammable or otherwise hazardous chemicals to the collection

Egg Cartons:
Paper cartons can be recycled with “All Paper” at the curb and at apartment complexes. Paper cartons should be recycled with Mixed Paper at drop off locations and Solid Waste Convenience Centers.  Donate clean egg cartons of any type to egg growers at your local farmers market for them to reuse.

Electronic Equipment and Scrap:
Remember that reuse is the highest form of recycling!
Many non-profit and charitable organizations are able to accept used but usable electronic equipment, and offer them to schools, community organizations, and needy individuals. By reusing electronic equipment for its intended purpose, its useful life is extended and those who may not be able to afford equipment are able to use it. An additional benefit of reusing electronics is the conservation of energy that it would take to manufacture new equipment.

For a list of local charities that accept used computers, go to Computer Equipment.  For a statewide list of electronic equipment and scrap recyclers visit the Directory of Markets for Recyclable Materials.

All glass bottles and jars can be recycled with bottles, cans, and jars curbside, at apartment complexes, at 24 hour recycling drop off locations, and Solid Waste Convenience Centers. Do not recycle plate glass, mirrors, Pyrex, or lab glass at these locations.

Grocery Bags:
Minimize paper and plastic bags by using a cloth bags when you shop.  If you forget your bag, reuse the bag you get from the store over and over.  There is virtually no environmental benefit of choosing paper over plastic. The right answer to “Paper or Plastic?” is of course, “Neither”!  See this video for inspiration.
If you do choose paper or plastic, they can both be recycled, but in different places.

Paper bags: can be recycled with “all paper” Curbside and at apartment complexes.  They can also be recycled with Corrugated cardboard at 24 hour recycling center locations and Solid waste convenient centers.

Plastic bags: can be recycled at most local grocery stores, but they must be clean and dry.  Plastic bags include newspaper bags, bread bags, and dry-cleaner bags. Do not try to recycle plastic bags in any of Orange County’s recycling programs,  They get caught in recycling equipment, slow down operations, and are an absolute no-no.  Bring to grocery stores instead

Recycle glossy magazines with all paper at the curb and at apartment complexes.  Glossy magazines are collected with newspaper and phonebooks at drop off locations and Solid Waste Convenient Centers.

Newspaper: (and all inserts that come with the newspaper)
Recycle newspapers with all paper at the curb and at apartment complexes.  Newspapers are collected with magazines and phonebooks at drop off locations and Solid Waste Convenient Centers.  Please remove and discard any plastic bag over wrap.  Plastic bags can be recycled at most local grocery stores.

Plastic Bottles:
NC State Law prohibits land filling of aluminum cans and plastic bottles.  They MUST be recycled!  All plastic BOTTLES (any number) can be recycled curbside, at Apartment Complexes, at 24 hour recycling drop off locations and Solid Waste Convenience Centers, with Bottles, Cans, Jugs and Jars. A bottle/jug is defined as a container with a neck smaller than the base. Be sure to squash flat and put the caps back on where possible.

The Real Way To Recycle At Home

Dear Neighbors,
My family and I live here in Orange County.  Being a family of 5, we consume a lot of groceries, and use a lot of materials, in our daily lives.  For a long time now, we have recycled and re used.  But it’s always weighed on me… I felt there was more I could do, to encourage and educate others in recycling properly and re using.

Huge amount of garbage is being thrown away every day, into massive landfills.  These landfills are about 200 feet wide and 1/2 a mile long.  Much of this garbage could have been recycled and re used.  Not to mention, there is a massive stack of garbage, floating in the middle of Pacific Ocean, known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  It floats between Hawaii and California and is estimated to be 2x the size of Texas.  These are just two reasons to recycle a reuse, but two very important reasons.

I’ve put together a simple list of every day items and explain how to recycle or re use those items, in a correct way.  Most of us think we know how to recycle, but if you go look at a recycling bin, you will see all sorts of items that are not meant to be there.  You will also find items that are recyclables, but they are tossed in the bin, with food and nasty stuff all over it.

I hope this helps you and your family.  Remember we are all apart of this world and we each play a part in the care and love of our planet.  We can use the excuse that we are too busy, but it only takes a little extra effort and it goes a long way.  I love that old saying, “If it’s going to be, then it’s up to me.”  It is up to you, so join in and help preserve our beautiful planet, so it’s still a wonderful place for our children’s children.

My Love

Never shall you be alone, my love.

For you were created by me, my love.

You are apart of me, my love.

In sadness, in happiness, and fear, in faith,

I am here, with you, my love.

I’ve watched you, from brith, till death,

from one life time, and to the next, my love.

Making mistakes, passing through lessons, discovering who you are, my love.

And when you call upon me, I hold you up, my love.

Never stray from me, my love, for I created you, in my image, in my heart,

with every capacity, every ability to create the life you desire, my love.

And look upon this world, my love…  So many people, so many faces, so many hearts, waiting for you my love.

Waiting for the someone to guide them from darkness, and into the light, and back to me, my love.

So raise your head my love, dry our tears my love, fill your heart with my courage, and be the person you were meant to be, here on Earth…  My Love!

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