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Having A Best Friend!

Best friends are so important.  For years I didn’t really have what I would call a best friend.  Of course my husband is my real best friend, but I believe every woman should have a best friend that has many things in comman.

For years I wanted a best friend.  I seemed to have many girl friends but we had little in comman.  All of them were single and didn’t have children.  When we hung out I felt like we had little to talk about.  I put it out in the univers that I wanted to find a great friend with many things in comman with me.  What I love about life is you never know when the universe will deliver what you desire.

A year ago I briefly met a woman, wife, and mother, her name is Katherine.  At that time I had no idea that one year later we would be such great friends.  We had her, her husband, and her two girls over for dinner and we totally hit it off.  Now I understand what It is like to have a best friend.  We have so much in common.  We both home school our kids, we believe in attachment parenting, we don’t vaccinate our kids, we are committed to our husbands, we are vegetarians, and so on.

To me a best friend is someone you can share anything with.  This person is someone who shares and listens, and I feel honored to have met such a wonderful person and call her my friend.  Plus our kids play together so well, we have great play dates for the kids.  No more hanging out with single women with no kids.

Have you ever been told not to talk to strangers?  It’s the thing most of us hear from the adults in our life when we are kids.  During a talk with my teacher Guru Singh, he said, “Every person I encounter is either my brother/sister, or my son/daughter.”  This totally changes your relationship with the people you encounter each day.

Not only does it create a sense of love and respect for each person, but it makes you feel responsible for the way you react when you encounter anyone in your life, or the way you handle that relationship.  It’s the realization that no one is a stranger.  We are all intertwined!

Do you ever find yourself getting into gossipy conversations about other people?  If everyone is a son/daughter, or a brother/sister to us, then why would we ever want to hurt someone or gossip about them?  They are a part of us.  It’s like hurting ourselves.

In understanding this lesson, we can practice love for every person and refuse to speak about other people behind their backs.  I guess that old saying is true, treat others as you wish to be treated.  And be impeccable with your word.

My Spiritual Teacher Gurmukh

I first knew Gurmukh as an author.  I had become pregnant with our third child and wanted to find a great Prenatal yoga book.  There she was on the front cover of her book Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful.  She was surrounded by pregnant mommies all looking happy and blissful.  I couldn’t wait to receive her book in the mail.  As I began to read there was a short story of her life.  I could relate to her life journey.  I too had dealed with my own sorts of addictions and decided to take a spiritual path that changed my life for the better.

Her book beautifully laid out teachings and special meditations for each stage of pregnancy.  I was my pregnancy hand book every step of  the way.  It was filled with ancient teachings taught for modern women!  And I truly felt bountiful, beautiful, blissful.

Her influence changed my perception of being a woman.  I decided on complete natural child birth and I was able to tap into my own inner strength.

As of now I’ve not met Gurmukh.  But she has made her impression on me through her books, online lectures, and online meditations.  This is the power of the sacred circle.  Choosing a woman role model that will empower you to live at a higher standard.

To me she is a teacher of commitment, grace, and transformation.

Every Woman Is A Warrior!

This is one of my very favorite pictures.  I love to see such a elegant woman standing as a warrior in her life.  I believe whole heartedly that every woman is a warrior, even if she hasen’t discovered it yet, that warrior is always knocking, waiting for a chance to come out.

In my own life I stand up and fight every day.  No I don’t stand up with a sward and fight to the death, I stand and up and fight for my family for what I believe in.  My choice to home school my children is my form of fighting as a warrior for my kids, my choice to be totally committed to my husband is my form of fighting for my husband.  There are so many ways that we stand up as warriors, it’s not the actual act of battling with weapons, it’s being on the so called battle field of life, not allowing outside forces to overcome you and negatively effect you and your life.

I suppose you could call this Courage!

When you hear the word Courage, what does it mean to you?  What does it mean to be a courageous person?  Perhaps it’s someone who takes charge, takes action, and moves forward no matter what gets in the way.

Those things are all true but what does the word Courage really mean?  The word courage is derived from the Latin Language, the word means core.  And what is your core, it’s your heart.  So courage means to live from your core, “your heart.”

To have courage in your life means you decide to move forward and grow in your life.  This doesn’t mean things won’t get in your way, or should I say try to get in your way.  Of course you will have challenges, in fact the more courage you have, and the more you grow in life, the more resistance you will feel.  But having courage means you do it anyways, and your begin to expand and grow as a person.

Mother Earth

“We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.”

Unlocking The Spell With Yoga!

I can still remember my first experience with Kundalini yoga.  I had always worked out and taken care of myself but this was something completely different.  I knew immediately that I had discovered something that would change my life, and it has.
I personally chose to practice Kundalini Yoga.  I love one of the most simple yet profound teachings, “The highest for of enlightenment is to be an enlightened house holder.  Anyone can escape to the mountains to meditate but if you can live a meditative life amongst the hustle and bustle of this modern world then that is ture mastery.”  We need more people who live mediative life styles and help to teach all the other humans how to do so.  It’s living through example.

With this practice,  I’ve seen my life and my family life transform in so many ways.  It’s become a way of life for my husband and I.  And each morning we rise before the sun comes up with our children to do some yoga and meditation.  It’s the best way to start every day.  Yoga gets your energy moving, balances your body, and helps you to be in a state of clarity. You gain inner vitality to compensate for the effects of stress so you can grow in life.

Kundalini Yoga can be done any time of the day, but when done first thing in the morning before the sun rises, it sets your body and mind straight before the hustle and bustle of the day.  It’s your time to connect with yourself when the Earth feels peaceful and quiet.   Instead of starting off your day jumping out of bed and topping it off with a jolt of coffee, you can use this powerful tool you were blessed with (your body) to awaken the energy that is your life force.  It brings out the best of you and helps you deal with the day ahead of you.

I encourage you to pick up a good book or research on the web.  You can find so much information about Kundalini Yoga online.  You can even find a great local class. There are yoga studios all over.  Check out SpiritVoyage.com  for some really great audios and books.

Rise Before The Morning Sun!

A wise man once told me about the power of the morning air.
That special time before our sun shines his light upon our world.

The Earth is quieter as if everything stood still
And the morning whispers many things in my ears.

The sky is still dark and the stars are still twinkling,
The air feels fresh and calming
Like God’s soothing touch upon my skin.

When I quietly sit and listen to her morning voice it sends me lessons
And creative inspiration’s that later unfold into masterpieces.

Any man can sleep but a wise man wakes before the dawn
And gratefully witnesses the sun arise
As God introduces his new day,
with warmth and love, for all of us.

By Guru Shakti

Being a Conscious Mother

Being a mother is so many things.  At times it’s glorious, blissful, tender, and sometimes challenging, confusing, and frustrating.  My husband and I have three healthy and happy children, two girls and one baby boy.  Each child is as unique and different as the next, isn’t God great!  I think one of the most important and challenging things is to be a conscious and grown up parent.  For instance, I know it’s not good to yell at our children but what about those days that your exhausted, the house is a mess, and your kids still find a way to make even more of a mess by getting into the fridge to have a tea party, and leave a mess of crumbs behind them.  I will admit I do my very best to hold my tounge, be the adult, talk calmly to them about the situations, but there are those times that with all my practice I still burst out with holaring.

Truly when a mother hollers it’s really a cry for, “please someone come and help me.”  Yes being a mom is quit an experience, it manages to teach us and stretch is in so many ways.  I heard a quote once that I might be getting wrong here but it went something like this, “Parents don’t raise children into adults, children raise their parents into adults.”  I feel this to be true!  When I reflect back on the growth my husband and I have gone through in the past 8 years of parenting it is clear that they have taught us almost more about life than we have taught them, LOL!!!

Today was particularly a challenging day for me as a mother, we all just got over the flue so I was still very tired, we just began a more stricked home school schedule so the pressure was on with that too, and I just felt out of sorts.  It wasn’t until I sat down and did a meditation that is was able to see and feel clearly.  My intuition says, “One step at a time, be still, and just be with your children.”  And so I will take my own advice.  I will just allow myself to be with my kids, no expectations.

I suppose that is the best advice I could give myself on those challaning days as a mother.  Instead of holding so many expectations, just let go and give attention and love to those little ones surrounding me.

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