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Meditation To Know Your Truth!

Hello my dear friends,

The past few days I have begun a 120 meditation.  This meditation  will give you the ability to be able to experience the unseen.  It’s nice and easy but it gives you that ability not to be lost in the, “I don’t understand,”  you will feel that peace in your heart.

Please join me in this 120 day commitment.  It’s 11 minutes out of your whole day.  If you can’t find 11 minutes out of 24 hours in a day for yourself then you need to re evaluate your priorities.  This meditation is very calming, it brings you a sense of peace, of understanding, and of knowing.

Do this for 120 days and you will tap into this ability very powerfully.

Here’s a link to Gurmuks weekly message.  At the end of the message she explains how to do this 11 minute meditation.

With Love and Grace,

Guru Shakti

Your Personal Life Lessons!

When you were in your mothers womb you were aware of your vastness, you were aware and excited to come into this world and live a human life.  When you are born suddenly your memory of this knowledge is wiped away and now it’s your job to catch up to this awareness.

In each life time we are presented with a series of lessons that are meant for you to pass through.  In fact all relationships in your life are perfect for the lessons you need to learn.  Any challenging relationships are merely a perfect reflection of the lesson that is trying to get your attention

For instance, my father and I went for years without talking, we had a painful and resentful relationship and just couldn’t make it work.  It wasn’t until I realized the lesson that I wasn’t seeing in this situation.  I was failing to take 100% responsibility for my part in this relationship.  I was putting so much blame on him and felt like the victim.  I realized that being the victim in this situation was never going to lead to my liberation, my enlightenment in this life time.  And I have no desire to re live this un finished lesson again in my next life.

Where is there a lot of pain or hurt in your life?  Perhaps you have a relationship that is un settled, an addiction that you give into, a dream that you ignore with distraction, and so on!  Don’t you think it’s time to take 100% responsibility for your life and take care of these lessons?  Are you willing to be that courageous to take one step, not knowing how, just knowing why?  This is exactly what I’ve done with my dad, and because of this level of responsibility I now have, I know it can only succeed.

You’ve been given this life as a gift to take care of these things here and now, don’t postpone your growth and wait for another life to get out of your ignorance.  Ignorance does not mean your dumb, it simply means you ignore what you know, so let’s stop ignoring what we already know.

Much love,

Guru Shakti

A Right of Passage!

While on an amazing hike today with my three children, my best friend Katherine, and her two daughters, we had a really great conversation about our daughters and what it will be like for them when they begin to grow from a child and into a woman.  In other cultures it has been a long standing tradition to have a very clear right of passage.  When a girl gets her period it is considered a very special and sacred time.  In fact in certain indigenous tribes, when a woman gets her period she goes to a special part of the village to be only with other women, during that time.  She will rest and take care of herself because it is a sacred cycle of her body.

Both Katherine and I agree that we must be open and talk freely about the changes our daughters are going through.  If they have questions answer them, if they have concerns help them to understand that what is going on with their growth is helping them to grow into a divine woman.

We have it back wards in America.  Our right of passage of teens is to send them off to the mall.  It’s a form of Independence to be able to wonder the mall for hours on end with other teens.   Our teens are bombarded with so much information, and so much stimuli.  Our teens are so impressionable at this time in their lives so why the hell are we allowing them to be subjected to so much crap, excuse my french.  If you lived in a tribe, once you grow into your teens you are sent on a vision quest.  This is a time of quiet, of solitude, it is a girl or boys time to discover themselves and grow into a real man or woman.  It is understood that a teen is going through so much emotionally and physically, lets not forget hormonally and the vision quest is mean to guide them through all of this internal resistance.

We don’t live in small tribes here, it’s not common to send out kids on vision quests and celebrate right of passage, but as parents we can create this for them.  My husband and I are going to create something that works for our girls and our son, we as parents will give them a chance to have a right of passage and a vision quest, even if it is in the center of a modern country.

This can be fun and a bonding experience for all of you.  Try doing some research, their are other people in the US who are doing this for their kids too.  Check out and get some ideas so you can do this for your growing children.

Feeding My Life And My Soul With Food!

Do you like to eat?  I know I do!

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy a good meal prepared with love.  But why is it that so many people seem to have a lot of issues when it comes to food?  Everything from over eating, eating disorders, and poor nutritional intake.  Truly the way we eat, and how we relate to the food we put into our bodies, is how we feel about ourselves and your life.  And what we put and don’t put into our bodies affects the quality of our lives.  Remember that your body is what carries you through this life and if it’s not treated with care, then your life will reflect that.

Now, I don’t mean you can’t go out and indulge in a wonderful meal but the way you approach your meal will make all the difference.  It will determine how your body accepts the meal and how your body processes the meal.

I can relate first hand to this lesson.  For years I struggled with an eating disorder.  I took me being brutally honest with myself and the people around me to stop the behavior.  It had little to do with being thin and way more to do with being happy with who I was on the inside.

As I have distanced myself from the eating disorder I have learned ways to respect the food that I eat.  I can now see the distinction between the way I used to treat food and myself, and how I now respect both food and myself.  It’s the difference of a totally different life.  Just a simple step of lovingly respecting the food I eat has changed my life.

Here are some ways that you can relate to food in a more loving, and positive way.

Remember to prepare your food with love.  Some people think of cooking as a meditation.  You can actually send good emotions into the food you eat.  I encourage you to slow down a bit.  Even if you are a very busy, fast paced person, you can still sit down. Put your fork down for a second and take and take few deep breaths before you begin to eat.  It is a totally different experience to breathe consciously while you eat, instead of inhaling your food in one bite.

At our home we began to have family dinners.  It’s a priority now.  This is our time to reconnect at the end of the day, encourage communication with our children, and have some good laughs.  Believe me whey I say our family dinners are far from proper.  We laugh, joke, and have a good time.  I tried to get my family to be quiet and calm at dinner but I found out quickly that it just wasn’t the way of our little family.  I stopped pushing and relaxed into having fun.  That’s what it’s all about, having a good time, and a good meal.

I like to lead our family in giving thanks. In your own way you could practice being thankful for your meal too.  Remember there are people who have nothing to eat, and you are sitting there able to nourish the body you were blessed with.  Thank God, the divine, or what ever you believe in for this meal. Allow your body to be nourished and loved!

In many house houses it’s the woman who makes and serves the food.   If this is the case in your family then this is a powerful chance for you to re create dinnertime for your family.  You can make it any way you want it to be!  Do it and watch how wonderful it is for your family.

A Painted Face And High Heals!

When my husband and I started to practice Kundalini yoga, I was introduced to women who lived their lives to a completely different drummer.  Not only were these women happy, just to be in their presence felt calming and refreshing.  I had never met women that had such presence and personal strength.  They seemed elegant and completely confident in their skin.  They had no need to show themselves off.  The mere fact that they were so comfortable in their own skin, made them glow with radiance and I yearned to understand how I could be like these women.  All I knew was, they understood something that I had yet to learn.

For years I’d spend hours putting on my make up, straightening or curling my hair, and picking out just the right outfit, one that was cute and showed off just the right parts.  In fact, I did this every day for about an hour, sometimes more.  But who was I really doing this for?   For myself?   Or was it to look a certain way that would earn the approval of everyone around me?

At the time I didn’t realize it, but I did it for the approval of others.  And many women do the same!  Don’t get me wrong.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good or taking pride in your appearance.  But here’s the thing… as women, many of us have forgotten that we are truly beautiful without all the make up, and without showing off our bodies.

Do you ever spend a long time making yourself beautiful only to feel unsatisfied with your appearance?  I received attention and approval but I still felt like something was missing.  Why was something missing?   Because I hadn’t yet approved of myself.  The approval from others would never fill that gap.  And make up or  cute outfit could never do the trick.   Just being around these women made me want to make a change in my life
So what did I do?  I literally went into my closet, tore down all my clothes except for a few shirts and pants, boxed it all up and sold all of it.  And I’m not talking about cheap clothes.  I got rid of BEBE, Guess, Ed Hardey, Coach, etc.  Now my closet was bare.  It felt like I had completed a cleanse.  I was actually shedding clothes that to me symbolized a person I no longer was.  I was ready to grow up and become the woman that was inside of me all along.  And to do that I needed to make changes on the inside and outside.

I started buying up some new flowing skirts and wraps.  I stopped wearing so much make up and wore my smile instead.  I started wearing beautiful scarves in my hair.  Now it takes me ten minutes to get ready.  I feel better, I look better, and I’m MUCH happier.  Yes, it took a lot of courage and it did take some time to get used to my new appearance.  People were used to seeing me a certain way.  But after a few months, I got used to my new identity and it felt good, really good.

My husband is happier too.  He says I take less time to get ready.   He never hears me say my hair looks bad, and I don’t come to him seeking praise of how I look each day.

I know this may seem extreme to some of you, to actually get rid of all your clothes.  You may be thinking you could never do something like that.  But you don’t have to go as extreme as I did.  I just did what worked for me.  Try wearing a little less make up, do your hair In a pretty way that you like, and try wearing clothes that are not as tight or revealing.  Maybe wear a longer feminine skirt, a blouse that makes you feel beautiful, or a colorful scarf.  There are so many beautiful options for feminine flowing clothing nowadays.  Find your own niche!

It’s all about being you, not a replica of someone else.  If you feel feminine and lovely, then you’re on the right track!  Be brave and take a chance.  It can only benefit you.  Try this out and see how you can apply it to your life.  Remember you don’t have to change your whole wardrobe. You can simply add to it or simplify it.  Have fun with this and remember how special you are!

Protecting Your Sacred Body!

When I think about the female body, I know it is so beautiful.  When God made a woman, she did a great job.  It’s like a piece of gorgeous art.

I was listening to some young teens talking a few days ago.  I could hear they were talking about sex and their boy friends. I was very happy to hear what they had to say.  One of the girls said she was going to wait until she was married to have sex, and the other girl agreed.  They sounded so sure of themselves!  I have to admit I was surprised because I’ve heard more stories about teens having sex, than not having sex.

Those girls probably don’t even know how awesome of a decision they are making, and provided that they follow through with it, their journey as an adult woman will be much smoother.

A women’s body is of course very different from that of a man’s body.  In yoga we understand that a woman and man have an arc of energy that goes from shoulder to shoulder, above the head.  But a woman has one more, and it’s very important.  This arc of energy goes from shoulder to shoulder across her chest.  A man does not have this arc.  Within this arc she holds all of her sexual experiences.

When she is sexually active with a man he is permanently imprinted on her arc of energy.  She takes on a part of his Karma.  When you look at this deeper it really makes sense.  Think about prostitutes…  these women, for the most part are in mental disarray.  These women’s lives are not stable, they don’t feel good about who they are, and the list goes on.  No wonder, they have taken on so many sexual partners. They have been imprinted by so many men, and now they can’t find themselves amongst all of this.

I feel it is our duty and our honor to cherish our Sacred Body.  You are a woman, you are a role model for all young women who have yet to reach adulthood.  With so many teens having sex so young, how cool would it be to share this wisdom with them?

Even if you were sexually active with men out of marriage, in your past, or perhaps you are now, you can make the change now.  Your body is so special and I believe it should not be given so easily.  And don’t ever forget how Sacred you are.