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Talking To Strangers With Awareness!

I’m sure we’ve all heard and used that old saying, “Don’t talk to strangers.”  We say and use these things without even questioning what they really mean.  When we say don’t talk to strangers, what are we really teaching our kids?

A stranger is someone you haven’t met.  But life is about relationship and communication.  How can we communicate and be in relationship if every person we don’t know is a STRANGer?  We must learn to communicate and make new friends in life.  You can be open to communicating in a healthy and conscious way, and this is what we must teach out kids.

We never tell our kids, “Don’t talk to strangers.”  We don’t want that echoing in their hearts, throughout their lives.  Instead we keep a good watch.  We teach them to communicate with awareness.  This isn’t always easy when they are young because children are totally open to everyone.  But as parents, that is where we must step in and be a watchful teacher.  Sometimes I see parents not paying attention to their kids at the park.  They are sitting back talking, relaxing, not watching their kids.  Bad idea!  Not only can kids disappear in seconds but, you never know who is at the park.  I would love to say, “We can trust everyone.”  But of course that is not true.  We always have both eyes on our kids, and if they want us to we play with them.   This is the best way to teach our children how to be aware of the people around them.

The Truth About Vaccinations!


I can still remember the first time I heard a mother talking about the dangers of Vaccinations.  This was about 8 years ago, she was talking to another mother about her sons challenges with autism.  This woman seemed very informed and knew information that I had never heard of before.  I remember wondering how her son got into elementary school?  Later I discovered that vaccinations are not mandatory for children to get into school.  All you have to do is sign your name stating that you exempt your child from vaccinations, the government can’t do anything about your personal choice.

Hearing this mother talk about vaccinations raised some questions for me and I wanted answers now.  This was the beginning of a lot of research.

For those of you trying to have a baby, going to have a baby, or already have children then this is a very important topic to do some research in.  My husband and I have read countless books on the matter and have had many conversations with Doctors and Homiopathics about Vaccinations.  First of all what we found was startling, in fact it discussed me.  You would not beleive the disscuting things that we are allowing to be injected into our childrens blood.

Try this test, go into your childrens doctors office, ask to talk to the Doctor or a nurse, then ask them what is in the vaccination?  I’ve never heard of a doctor or nurse knowing any of the ingrediance in them.  They keep it very hush hush for a reason.  If parents really kow what was in it they would’t do it.

I won’t go into all the details here but I will direct you to some sites that really shed light on this topic.

We decided against vaccinations for our children and they are never sick.  It seems that all our friends who have vaccinated children are always sick with something.  In my oppinion there is no need for vaccinations and I wouldn’t want to take a chance on something that has been linked to so many aweful side affects.

Here are some youtube videos that I like a lot.

Our favorite book is the Sactity of The Human Blood (this book is jammed packed with information).

To Circumcize Or Not To Circumcize?

To be honest I had never given thought to circumcision until I found out I was pregnant with a son.  Then the question came up and I had no idea which path to choose.  Most Americans circumcize their boys at birth, and with no questions.  I ask every question in the book so simply going with what every one else does wouldn’t work for me.  I began my reading, my research, and I was so happy I did becuase I discovered some very important information that most new parents never hear about.

First of all lets picture this.  You go through this amazing birth, your babys birth was very tramatic for him, he was safe and warm for nine months in your womb and now he’s out in the bright and loud world for the very first time.  Then within hours they take him from the safety of his mommies arms and into the hands of nurses.  Now we know what come next, they snip, cut his penis.  Your little fragile baby boy cries in pain, it’s truly tramatic for such a fresh new baby.

There is so much debate on this issue but one things stands true.  If you are going to circumcize your son then wait a while.  Don’t do it within the first 40 days.  In all yoga practices they teach that it take 40 days to establish the babies energetic aura and any trauma done to the baby will really effect him on an emotional leve.  We don’t realize how specail those first 40 days are.  Your baby isn’t done baking yet so be gentile with him.

We chose not to curcumcize our baby boy and I’m so happy with this choice.  We will have the chance to teach him that God made him just how he wanted him and we can explain to him that we chose not to have his penis cut.  When you put it like that it sounds awefule.

So new parents choose wisely, if you choose to do it then please wait until your baby is older.  In Danmark they wait until the boy is 4 or 5, that is the norm, they understand that babies are just too young.

Good Luck!

Having A Best Friend!

Best friends are so important.  For years I didn’t really have what I would call a best friend.  Of course my husband is my real best friend, but I believe every woman should have a best friend that has many things in comman.

For years I wanted a best friend.  I seemed to have many girl friends but we had little in comman.  All of them were single and didn’t have children.  When we hung out I felt like we had little to talk about.  I put it out in the univers that I wanted to find a great friend with many things in comman with me.  What I love about life is you never know when the universe will deliver what you desire.

A year ago I briefly met a woman, wife, and mother, her name is Katherine.  At that time I had no idea that one year later we would be such great friends.  We had her, her husband, and her two girls over for dinner and we totally hit it off.  Now I understand what It is like to have a best friend.  We have so much in common.  We both home school our kids, we believe in attachment parenting, we don’t vaccinate our kids, we are committed to our husbands, we are vegetarians, and so on.

To me a best friend is someone you can share anything with.  This person is someone who shares and listens, and I feel honored to have met such a wonderful person and call her my friend.  Plus our kids play together so well, we have great play dates for the kids.  No more hanging out with single women with no kids.

Every Woman Is A Warrior!

This is one of my very favorite pictures.  I love to see such a elegant woman standing as a warrior in her life.  I believe whole heartedly that every woman is a warrior, even if she hasen’t discovered it yet, that warrior is always knocking, waiting for a chance to come out.

In my own life I stand up and fight every day.  No I don’t stand up with a sward and fight to the death, I stand and up and fight for my family for what I believe in.  My choice to home school my children is my form of fighting as a warrior for my kids, my choice to be totally committed to my husband is my form of fighting for my husband.  There are so many ways that we stand up as warriors, it’s not the actual act of battling with weapons, it’s being on the so called battle field of life, not allowing outside forces to overcome you and negatively effect you and your life.

I suppose you could call this Courage!

When you hear the word Courage, what does it mean to you?  What does it mean to be a courageous person?  Perhaps it’s someone who takes charge, takes action, and moves forward no matter what gets in the way.

Those things are all true but what does the word Courage really mean?  The word courage is derived from the Latin Language, the word means core.  And what is your core, it’s your heart.  So courage means to live from your core, “your heart.”

To have courage in your life means you decide to move forward and grow in your life.  This doesn’t mean things won’t get in your way, or should I say try to get in your way.  Of course you will have challenges, in fact the more courage you have, and the more you grow in life, the more resistance you will feel.  But having courage means you do it anyways, and your begin to expand and grow as a person.

Mother Earth

“We must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the forests for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.”

A Year Gone Bye!

Our son Bodhi will be one on Tuesday.  As I reflect back upon this year I can only smile.  This year has flown by, we’ve watched him transform from a small fragile baby and into a active and energetic toddler, curious about the world and everything in it.

We decided to raise Bodhi differently, we had learned some very special lessons over the years and couldn’t wait to use them during the pregnancy and over the first years.  I think the three most important lessons are these.

1.  The family bed and use of baby slings:  The family bed is where you keep your baby in bed with you at night.  Forget buying a fancy crib, you don’t need it because the best place for baby is right in bed with you cuddling in your arms.  If you think about it this really makes sense.  A baby is warm inside your womb for nine months, then the baby is born and expected to sleep happy and securely in a crib, all alone.  This kinds of sounds like baby torture.  We also used a baby sling from day 1.  I’ve used our stroller a few times, Bodhi loves to be wrapped up in the sling and cozy by my body.  In fact in most countries you never see a baby pushed around in a stroller, baby is always somewhere on moms body, either on the back or on the front.

2.  The 40 day blessing:  This is a Kundalini Yoga Practice.  Once a baby is born the baby is not done baking.  It takes 40 days for their energetic aura to be established.  Because of this the baby will thrive like you don’t believe if kept close to mom for the 40 days after birth.  We kept Bodhi close to me, within 20 feet of my body so he was within my own bodies energetic Aura.  We did our best to have quiet, I didn’t leave the house at all with him instep for a quiet walk in the afternoon.  As far as family, we made it know to all our family and friends that we were doing THIS.  Only our closest family came to see him, my mom and dad, my brother, and my in laws.  Only after doing it was I able to see first hand the positive affects of this.  Not only was it good for me and my recovery after birth, but his security and comfort with the world flourished after being kept so close and safe for those 40 days.  I suggest any pregnant mama to try this, it’s so worth it.

3.  breast feeding with love:  No excuses, breast feeding is the best thing for a baby.  In Kundalini Yoga there is a practice to nurse your baby for 2 years and so that is what we are doing.  There’s nothing like cuddling up with Bodhi and feeding him, knowing that my body is providing all the nutrition he needs.  Of course he’s eating food now too, in fact right now he’s toddling around the house with a big apple in his little hands. Yesterday he had a cookie for the first time and his eyes were wide open the whole time, he was so happy!!!

So again I reflect on the past year, the choices made to provide the best life for our Bodhi.  I’m so happy that we chose to do what we did becasue a year has gone by, so fast, and we will never get it back.  Staying home for 40 days was worth it, sleeping with him in between my husband and I is worth it, and taking th time to nurse him is so woth it.

Thank God for the chance to be a mother of a son.

Being a Conscious Mother

Being a mother is so many things.  At times it’s glorious, blissful, tender, and sometimes challenging, confusing, and frustrating.  My husband and I have three healthy and happy children, two girls and one baby boy.  Each child is as unique and different as the next, isn’t God great!  I think one of the most important and challenging things is to be a conscious and grown up parent.  For instance, I know it’s not good to yell at our children but what about those days that your exhausted, the house is a mess, and your kids still find a way to make even more of a mess by getting into the fridge to have a tea party, and leave a mess of crumbs behind them.  I will admit I do my very best to hold my tounge, be the adult, talk calmly to them about the situations, but there are those times that with all my practice I still burst out with holaring.

Truly when a mother hollers it’s really a cry for, “please someone come and help me.”  Yes being a mom is quit an experience, it manages to teach us and stretch is in so many ways.  I heard a quote once that I might be getting wrong here but it went something like this, “Parents don’t raise children into adults, children raise their parents into adults.”  I feel this to be true!  When I reflect back on the growth my husband and I have gone through in the past 8 years of parenting it is clear that they have taught us almost more about life than we have taught them, LOL!!!

Today was particularly a challenging day for me as a mother, we all just got over the flue so I was still very tired, we just began a more stricked home school schedule so the pressure was on with that too, and I just felt out of sorts.  It wasn’t until I sat down and did a meditation that is was able to see and feel clearly.  My intuition says, “One step at a time, be still, and just be with your children.”  And so I will take my own advice.  I will just allow myself to be with my kids, no expectations.

I suppose that is the best advice I could give myself on those challaning days as a mother.  Instead of holding so many expectations, just let go and give attention and love to those little ones surrounding me.

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