Being a mother is so many things.  At times it’s glorious, blissful, tender, and sometimes challenging, confusing, and frustrating.  My husband and I have three healthy and happy children, two girls and one baby boy.  Each child is as unique and different as the next, isn’t God great!  I think one of the most important and challenging things is to be a conscious and grown up parent.  For instance, I know it’s not good to yell at our children but what about those days that your exhausted, the house is a mess, and your kids still find a way to make even more of a mess by getting into the fridge to have a tea party, and leave a mess of crumbs behind them.  I will admit I do my very best to hold my tounge, be the adult, talk calmly to them about the situations, but there are those times that with all my practice I still burst out with holaring.

Truly when a mother hollers it’s really a cry for, “please someone come and help me.”  Yes being a mom is quit an experience, it manages to teach us and stretch is in so many ways.  I heard a quote once that I might be getting wrong here but it went something like this, “Parents don’t raise children into adults, children raise their parents into adults.”  I feel this to be true!  When I reflect back on the growth my husband and I have gone through in the past 8 years of parenting it is clear that they have taught us almost more about life than we have taught them, LOL!!!

Today was particularly a challenging day for me as a mother, we all just got over the flue so I was still very tired, we just began a more stricked home school schedule so the pressure was on with that too, and I just felt out of sorts.  It wasn’t until I sat down and did a meditation that is was able to see and feel clearly.  My intuition says, “One step at a time, be still, and just be with your children.”  And so I will take my own advice.  I will just allow myself to be with my kids, no expectations.

I suppose that is the best advice I could give myself on those challaning days as a mother.  Instead of holding so many expectations, just let go and give attention and love to those little ones surrounding me.

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